Friday, September 15, 2017

September show and Tell

 More of Jill R experiments in dyeing
 Marie and Yvonne E went to a tapestry workshop in NZ, these are their samplers.

 Sharyn made herself a backstrap for her backstrap weaving
 Another couple of lovely  cowls by Anne and Gaye
 Annes first spinning efforts!

 Denise's weaving using a supplementary warp
 A sheep candle
Anne K's costume making

Sultana scones for morning tea today were delicious.

Augusts offering.

 More things for Wee care
 Denise's Scarf
 Anne M made this little jumper.
 Gaye has been very productive
 Diane knitted her hand dyed hand spun yarn into this beautiful shawl.
 Yvonne F knitted this lovely cardigan.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back Strap Weaving

Backstrap weaving after a class with Laverne

Our Work

Scarves woven by Fliss
Just off the loom woven by Hazel
Jill knitted this lovely little blanket
Baby suit knitted by Hazel
 Denise's weaving.

skeins spun by Diane
Jill knitted by both these garments
 Denise made these bags from the fabric she wove.
Double knitting made by Anne M
 Brenda designed and knitted this jacket.

 Gaye knitted this blanket

Jill has been dying fleece.

Washing Fleece prior to spinning

 We use one of these detergents.
 The staples were placed in the perforated tray.

 The water was hot as we could stand.
 The fiber was rinsed in water the same temperature.

Core Plying day

Sylvia's beautiful work