Saturday, June 6, 2015

Discharge Dyeing

 Discharge is the process of chemically removing color from previously dyed fabric. Because not all dyes will discharge in the same way, (and some won't discharge at all) you need to do a small-scale test with the discharging agent before purchasing commercial fabric.
Heather gave a class on discharge dyeing last Friday. It was a great deal of fun.
 Sample fabric where we tested different techniques.

 Once bleaching is complete, the fabric must be neutralized to stop the corrosive action of the bleach and then rinsed.

Dence Parks Poppy Display

Groups who enjoy Dence park have contributed poppies for this display. It has a number of different techniques and well worth a visit.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Sand, Sea and Sky. Ewes 2015 Exhibition

 Ewes had another wonderful Exhibition last weekend. Our theme was 'Sand Sea and Sky'. Our blanket was made to reflect this. We dyed our fleece, then spun it and lasted knitted the different squares.

Setting up on Friday revealed the work everyone had accomplished during the year.

 Some of the Themed exhibits.

 Helen is our cat walk queen and brings garments alive when she tries them on.

 Yvonne, Anne and Susan having a tea break.