Sunday, August 5, 2018

Julys jumpers

Woven scarves made by Denise and Caroline

 The results of last months dyeing.

Scarves made in classes with Liz Calnan
 Carmels, Colour and Weave
 Hazels, Monks Belt design
 Carolines, Colour and Weave

 Everyone is spinning their sliver for our raffle blanket for our 2019 Exhibition!

 Some tablet weaving by Brenda.
 There is a variety of weaving and looms at our meetings. The top two are Luet Erica looms, then a Saplet loom with tablet weaving in progress. then an Inkle loom and a childs loom with sampling being done.
Tapestries done by Yvonne E and Marie C.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Junes Joys

 How  Susan keeps her bobbins tidy while tablet weaving.
 Here are some scarves woven recently by Denise. She's an inspiration!

 Hazel has her Monks Belt weaving project well under way. I love it.
 Jill has been spinning again.
 Fliss called in with this stunning scarf
    A varity of knitting by Anne M, Brenda and Gaye.
 Some of us did some dyeing. One group did red then over dyed with green, and another green over dyed with red.

A third group dyed blue then over dyed with mustard.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fibre Creations...Inspired by Japan

 Here are the raffle prizes. 1st was a hand spun, hand knitted alpaca blanket, designed by Brenda Horne. 2nd prize was a scarf woven by Liz Calnan and 3rd prize was a lace scarf knitted by Brenda Horne.

 Some of the 'Influenced by Japan' work.

 These two panels show the tapestries entered in the Australian and New Zealand tapestry challenge titled Growth.
 The weaving on the front of the table is class work from Liz Calnans's class

Friday, May 11, 2018

Pre May Show

 The exhibition is very soon and we are all working hard.
 All different types of bags are being made.
 Denise  has made some jackets, cushions and scarves.

 This is our raffle blanket, designed by Brenda
 The cabinets at Dence Park are displaying some of our Japanese inspired work.
Come to Dence Park on May 25th, 26th or 27th and say hello. Be sure to look into the Stash Busters Room. There will be a display of Tapestries too!

April's Antics

 Anne K has been working on embroidery for "The Space IN Between" Exhibition.

 The Weaving and Knitting is collecting for the EWES Exhibition
Weaving, Braid Weaving and Spinning, every Friday.

A variety of spun skeins and Dianes drop spindle.

This lovely range of scarves will be in our Exhibition too

Knitted and Crocheted Babies garments
'Inspired by Japan' has produced a lot of different work from Everyone.