Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Old Carding Song

'Oh ! tarry woo ; oh ! tarry woo !
Tarry woo is ill to spin ;
Oh ! card it weel, oh ! card it weel,
Card it weel ere ye begin.
When it's carded, rove and spun,
Then your work is but hawf done ;
But when its woven, dress'd and clean,
It will be cleading' for a queen.'

Saturday, February 2, 2013

weaving box bags

measuring up for the warp
Weaving started earlier in 2012.
We collected our boxes and then on a Friday when we are at spinning all day we commenced.
Over the next 6 months or so we worked on our bags and some of the finished ones were brought to our meeting last Friday for show and tell!

reinforcing the edge before warping up

marking the end of slit

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warping the base

now for the handle


Welcome Back lunch

We enjoyed a shared lunch last Friday when all Ewes who could be there were there.