Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A visit from Weftshop

Last night Ewes were treated to a wonderful talk and a sale of work by Emma. We learnt that there are about one million refugees in Thailand from war torn Burma. Thailand is not a signatory of the U.N. on refugee and this prevents the refugees form working. Weftshop trains and promotes the texile skills of many different ethnic groups so they can produce items for sale, these pieces are of a high quality and very beautiful. When visiting this part of Asia I didn't often see this quality from the local producers. Emma showed us some slides of the mostly women preparing their work and then weaving. We saw a group of ladies enjoying one of the textile tours Weftshop offers. It looks very tempting. Lastly we had the opportunity to shop and most of us did! Through these sales the weavers are empowered and their traditional skills are  kept alive and developed. I would recommend you visit their web site www.weftshop.com

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